Thomas M. Reddy was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Reddy founded his office in 1977 and is responsible for the design and delivery of the offices commissions. Prior to starting his practice he worked in Chicago, Illinois; Pegomas, Provence, France; and Sonoma County, California. These multi-environmental, cultural and governmental experiences have instilled a sensitivity to different environments and approaches that inspire his design. The creative process is enhanced through out each project as Mr. Reddy fosters collaboration with the team of consultants and contractors.

His enthusiasm towards the beneficial affects of Architecture drive his desire to provide positive contributions to the built environment. Since his time working in France Mr. Reddy has considered energy efficiency and the solar aspects of design to be an essential element of Architecture, exhibiting in the “1980 Passive Solar Design Competition”. His residential projects have encompassed single and multi-family homes ranging from the 10,000+ square foot Stallone residence to the Yeager Terrace remodeling. The commercial commissions range from the Walnut Grove office building to the Yokim Bridge Winery tasting room. Industrial work ranges from the Peralco Manufacturing building to the Healdsburg Boat & RV Storage facility.

Thomas was the Architectural Advisor for the Healdsburg Community Center Committee, a private citizen exploratory committee; board member on the Demeo Teen Club Building Committee; and a board member on the Healdsburg Historic Preservation Board.